Thursday, September 24, 2009

Faruk Husni...Mubarak blames a Jewish conspirac: and the Role of Israeli intelligence and Elaph

Many have sent me links on this one because you noticed that I made this prediction. My modesty--quite fake--prevents me from devoting a regular section under "Angry Arab Told You So, Damn It." Here is the story about Faruq Husni Mubarak: "Egypt's culture minister on Wednesday blamed a conspiracy "cooked up in New York" by the world's Jews for keeping him from becoming the next head of the U.N.'s agency for culture and education." But there is more to the story: the candidate who won was a card carrying member of the Bulgarian Communist Party--one of the most Stalinist and hardcore. She now claims that it was "a necessity." It was not: many were not members of the Communist Party but her father was a member of the Communist elite and she enjoyed privileges. But Husni should learn the lesson: even a Stalinist communist is preferable to a sand nigger, even if he grovels on the pages of Le Monde, and even if he is a fan of Anwar Sadat and Husni qui rit, and even if he expresses his love for Israel. There is another element in the story: the role of the Saudi sleaze website, Elaph. I have always believed--although I don't have evidence--that Elaph is often used by Israeli intelligence services to disseminate Israeli propaganda stories. It is quite clear to me, and some of the fake names are laughable. It is because I detect regularly Israeli intelligence propaganda influences and leaks on the website that I avoid linking to it, and the fact it is a soft porn site which attracts readers by displaying scantily clad pictures of Arab and Western sex stars. But if you read the various accounts of the UNESCO election, you learn that the vote was changed at the last minute because of "revelation" on the role of Faruk Husni Mubarak qui rit when he was a diplomat in Italy during the Achille Lauro attack. The New York Times twice stated that the first reference to the story appeared on Elaph.