Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I watched a reairing of the interview with Mu`ammar Al-Qadhdhafi on Al-Jazeera. I still believe that he has not yet adjusted to his role as a new US puppet. I mean, in practice he is sticking to the role, but in rhetoric he still fluctuates back and forth. But in addition to all that--and I am always bothered that any foreign leader who gets in conflict with the US is immediately termed as "crazy"--Qadhdhafi is not altogether. He may need professional help, I mean that. I mean, he is so incoherent and inconsistent. He can start a sentence anti-Semitically, and then concludes it by declaring his sympathy for Jewish people; he can begin a sentence criticizing the Lebanese opposition, and concludes by identifying with it; he attacked the US, and then expressed his trust and faith in Condoleezza Rice. And he has no sense of humor; there is not one single Arab leader who has a sense of humor these days. I believe that Nasser had a sense of humor, as did Ahmad Shuqayri--politics aside.