Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I think the host hated me.* I was on the NPR's To the Point Program talking about the Arab summit a few minutes ago. Prior to the segment, the host was talking to the London correspondent of the Economist (the best magazine there is), and he asked me: Is it not against the Geneva convention for Iran to show British sailors on camera? And then it was my turn, and he asked me a question about Saudi Arabia. I could not ignore what just happened. So I said: I could not help but listen to the previous segment, in which you asked about the Geneva convention. But I wonder: do American journalists notice the thousands upon thousands of Afghan and Iraqi prisoners paraded before the cameras by US occupation troops? Or does th Geneva convention apply only in some select cases? The host, I could tell, was not amused. I swear. This is why I don't like to do US media anymore. I get frustrated and upset. It is, I feel, unpleasant for me and for the hosts alike.
PS * Maybe the host did not hate me after all. I received a call from him.