Friday, July 28, 2006

All Arab governments and Iran have been quite appalling in their behavior, to put it politely, during the Israeli war of aggression on Lebanon. They are either part of the conspiracy against Lebanon, or they are sitting idly buy washing the destruction of Lebanon, and hoping that their regimes remain secure. And I am in mood for those who want to make distinctions between Syria and Iran on the one hand, and the rest. Iran has not even announced any grant of financial aid. But in fairness: the Syrian Ba`th continues to produce its jarring Ba`thist rhetoric. Yesterday, the Syrian regime offered to feed the displaced people of Lebanon a stew of Ba`thist pamphlets and flyers. And then there are the glorious Palestinian people. The people who are the most oppressed and distressed have been the most supportive and generous. I am now watching a report on New TV about how Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon have opened their homes for the Lebanese refugees.