Saturday, May 20, 2006

The suppressed scandal: the family of Jihad `Abdul-Hamid Al-`Aklah mounrns him in North Lebanon. Misbah Al-Ahdab is a Lebanonese member of parliament. A Hariri member of parliament told me that he saw a payroll list (that Rafiq Hariri used to keep and show when he wanted) and it had Misbah Al-Ahdab's name on it early on. He was allegedly receiving $7000.00 a month from Rafiq Hariri. Al-Ahdab is a very ambitious politician, who wanted to be prime minister since he was 10. He does not have much going for him except that his mother is Italian and his European looks mean a lot to many shallow Lebanonese voters. Recently, Al-Adhab has been looking for a role. Other Hariri deputies have marginalized him, and he does not seem to be close to Sa`d Hariri. So last week, Al-Ahdab announced that somebody shot at his house in Tripoli. He said that he was targeted (and implied that it was Syria behind the attack) because he praised Hariri prime minister, Fu'ad Sanyurah. A few days later, it was revealed that Misbah's own body guard, Jihad `Abdul-Hamid Al-`Aklah, was the person who shot at the house. He was arrested and according to his family, admitted that Al-Ahdab asked him to shoot at the house to get fame and media attention. Yesterday, Al-`Aklah was found dead in his cell at a Lebanese prison. He apparently died from torture that he inflicted on himself, and he apparently later shot at himself but only after pulling his own finger nails--this will be revealed in the report by the Minister of Ping Pong. Thus the Hariri state police declared that he committed suicide. The family is asking for an independent investigation, but I don't think that this will happen because Hariri Inc will protect Al-Ahdab. Lebanese media, with the exception of As-Safir and New TV, are covering up.