Monday, December 12, 2005

Romantic chants of the Lebanonese "liberty" lovers: the reality of the Lebanonese Revolution. Sahar Mandur of As-Safir reports on the demonstration at the headquarters of An-Nahar yesterday. The youths (the youths of Lebanon, no less) chanted, among other chants: "Say to the Syrian people; gypsy* you are, and gypsy you always will be." And "You are not to be called a dog; the dog is to be called a Syrian." Notice that the Lebanonese freedom lovers manage to insult two peoples in one chant. If these are "my people" I resign effective immediately. In fact, I resigned a very long time ago. (thanks Kamal)
* The word "nuri" is a pejorative word used to refer to gypsies, (who like to be referred to as the Roma people.)