Friday, September 21, 2012

FSA and control of Syria

From Angry Arab's correspondent-at-large:  "I just want to tell you this about the FSA area I visited (in rural Damascus): the people there still pay electricity bills to the regime. One man there said: administratively we are still under the regime, only security is run by the FSA. The town had no regime presence whatsoever and the opposition flags are painted everywhere but as a matter of fact, the regime has surrounded the town and has a checkpoint at the entrance giving permissions to people to come and go as if they have decided to leave it for now and will deal with it later. From time to time they do target it (it is full of civilian families) but still not as heavily as other areas, maybe to remind them that they are still there. I was also told from a trusted source (close to UNSMIS) that the FSA actually controls less than 5% of Syria."