Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Muhammad bin Salman in the Atlantic

1) By agreeing to an interview with a former soldier of the Israeli occupation army tells you that he is attuned to the American scene but totally clueless how things play in the Arab scene. Many commented on the fact that the interviewer is a "former" Israeli occupation soldier. 2) The man is woefully ignorant, which is what you expect from the Saudi princes who study at the "Princes School" and later at a Saudi university which no professor in his right mind would dare not give a prince the highest grade. a) He thought that Egypt during the Cold War was under communist rule. b) he thought that France has been constantly a monarchy during American history. c) He thought that the Queen of England has "absolute" powers. d) He is totally ignorant about Islamic history and the characteristics of Islamic expansion. e) He thought that the Safavid Empire ruled all over the Arab world.  3) I can't see how this man last.  He has violated so many political, social, economic, and family taboos that he is guaranteeing his own eventual downfall.  In fact, a well-connected relative to the Saudi royal family told me recently that his violations of social taboos has caused the most consternation in the Kingdom. 4) He revealed himself to be an anti-Semite who downplayed the horrors of the Nazi regime and reduced them to an attempt to "conquer Europe".  Yet, his anti-Semitics will be forgiven because Israel and Zionists don't judge a person on anti-Semitism so much as they judge on friendliness toward Israel.  His case proves my long-standing theory: that Arab Zionists and normalizers have all been Nazis (like Sadat) or rabid anti-Semites (like this guy, or Anis Mansour or Ali Salem,  or the Lebanese Phalanges).  5) Clearly, the interview did not go well in the estimation of the regime.  Okaz, the fiery mouthpiece of the Prince printed the whole interview but took out the section on Jews and Israel.