Saturday, April 28, 2018

I hereby accuse the Israeli occupation government

It is very clear to me that the Israeli occupation government is behind attempts to ban me for good from social media.  In one week, I have received warnings from Google company that I have violated their term for posting on my blog, and also from Facebook that I have violated their policies and that I used "abusive language"--and those of you here know that I never use abusive language.  I was banned for 24 hours from Facebook and they would never explain to me my violations.  This all happened after I wrote about the Israeli assassination of a Palestinian academic in Malaysia. This assassination was ignored by most Western media, and New York Times yesterday published an Israeli government account where it made the man to be a massager for international communism and Islamic fundamentalism at the same time.  They will eventually succeed in banning me from social media: they want to determine the acceptable rhetoric, discourse, and expressions about the Arab-Israeli conflict and we should insist on our own rhetoric, discourse and expressions.