Monday, March 12, 2018

The story of Malala: how verifiable is the tale about her?

Of course, you are not supposed to question any story or narrative or tale spun by Western governments. It is against the rules and ethics, I know. But: to what extent the story about her is true? If it is not true, I don't think that it was her fault as it was the Western governments and media that wanted that story to be true in order to justify films, books, documentaries, Nobel, and various Western government official statements and photo opportunities.  Was she really targeted when she was 14 or 15 by the Taliban because of her educational advocacy?  Why is it not mentioned that she and two other girls were shot by an unknown gunman when they were boarding a school bus? Why not mention that two other girls were also injured? Why did the story become an assassination against one girl only? And why did the story in Western media later change? From an unknown gunman to a story of the gunman boarding the school bus and asking for her personally (before he proceeded to shoot at not one but three girls).  And there was a letter by a Pakistani Taliban but he claimed educational advocacy was not a reason but her defamation of the Taliban.  This happened after the story because big.  Also, under pressure from Western governments, the Pakistan government arrested 10 people but later released them and conceded that there was no evidence to their involvement.  If this story was one which served regimes opposed to the US, all Western media would be assigning investigating units to look into the story but this won't happen in this story.  Yesterday, I read that she said that people in developing countries consider the West to the "the ideal".  When she says something like that you realized: if Malala did not exist, she had to be invented.  How could you after this question the tale about Malala?  Again, I am not ruling one way or another but the story should be looked into.

PS I may have been misunderstood as I heard from a loyal reader: no, I did not in any question whether she was shot. Of course, she was shot. That can't be disputed. I said that she was shot but along with two other girls on the bus.