Sunday, January 14, 2018


Forget about the destruction of art and creativity in film which Spielberg is responsible for, as Jan-Luc Goddard said years ago.  He donated $1 million to the Israeli state in reward for its war on Lebanon in 2016.  So naturally the Arab League banned Spielberg and put him on the boycott list, although the boycott is not observed by the normalizing potentates of the region.  Can you imagine the US allowing a film directed by someone who donated 1$ million to Bin Laden? I would be the first to protest that director.  But please: be ware that Lebanese journalists who work for Saudi princes are very upset because they believe Lebanon should have the full freedoms enjoyed by people in the Saudi democracy.   Do you know that Spielberg's favorite "artist" is Norman Rockwell? Enough said, as far as I am concerned.