Thursday, January 18, 2018

Liz Sly does not know Arabic and does not even know the basics of the country that she is covering

Look at the ignorance (and typically lies and fabrications) of Liz Sly in Beirut.
She does not know the basics of the sectarian distribution of Lebanon. How lazy is that? "“around half of Lebanon's population is Christian”". I have not seen that absurd claim made by a Western correspondent since the 1970s. I swear. Also, Notice that Liz Sly only mentions right wingers and pro-Saudis as victims of government repression when leftists were targeted as well. “The renewed focus on the boycott laws also coincides with a wider clampdown against free speech”. She does not mention the case of the communist poet or my case for that matter. Only pro-Saudi right-wings and enemies of BDS are the favored victims for Western correspondents. Another lie by Liz Sly who can’t read a word of Arabic. This woman in question in fact called for assassinating Nasrallah:“In early January, the courts issued an arrest warrant for a television presenter, Maria Maalouf, after she criticized Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah.”This is a lie. The call is from secular leftist civic groups who support BDS: “This latest prohibition illustrates what appears to be a growing appetite on the part of the Lebanese authorities for implementing the country's often arbitrary censorship...” Liz Sly doesn’t mention that the so-called “free-speech advocates are in fact champions of the Saudi regime: “Free-speech advocates in Lebanon noted the irony of banning a movie whose plot promotes press freedoms”. They ban artists who perform in Syria. Look how Liz Sly refers to the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon: “Israel during its 2006 war with Lebanon's Hezbollah movement”. Yeah. All those killed were Hizbullah including women, children, ambulances and houses.