Thursday, January 25, 2018

Killing Yasser Arafat: Mossad propaganda in the New York Times

The story in the New York Times (which is part of a book which is coming out) is a typical Mossad planted story in US media.  Notice that there is an attempt to show that humanitarian consideration went into planning to kill Arafat. The most fervent effort by Israel to kill Arafat was in the summer of 1982 during the savage siege of Beirut.  As I lived those times, I remember how whole apartment buildings would be bombed by concussion bombs from the air ON THE SUSPICION that Arafat was in the building.   I remember that there were hundreds of people who were incinerated by Israeli fighter jets merely because they lived in apartments where Arafat was suspected by dumb Mossad agents of being there.  There massive sites of bombing that people visited and knew that this was due to wrong Israeli intelligence.  But in the article somewhere toward the end they mention this group:  "With Eitan’s blessing, Ben-Gal appointed the man he considered the I.D.F.’s top expert in special ops, Meir Dagan, to lead the efforts in south Lebanon. The three of them set up the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon From Foreigners." The story says in passing that "hundred of people were killed" by them. But this is what they don't tell you: this front specialized in car bombs in crowded neighborhoods.  They would plant car bombs in West Beirut for purposes of sheer terror.  I would estimate that the number of innocent victims killed by this group was in the thousands and not the hundreds.  This is the record of Israel which many Lebanese and non-Lebanese Arabs won't forget. These are part of the war crimes for which Arabs hold Israel responsible, in addition to the illegal occupation of Palestine--all of Palestine.

PS The title of the book from which this was excerpted is "The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations".  Targeted assassinations when most of those "operations" were actually car bombs and bombing by fighter jets? It should be titled: Israel secret history of murdering and incinerating civilians in the hope that Arafat was among them.