Saturday, December 23, 2017

On Anti-Semitism in Germany: Far-right whites are most responsible

"Anti-Semitic crimes here have slightly increased since the 2015 influx of refugees into the country, even though right-wing extremists are still responsible in the vast majority of cases."  I can't believe that the Post put the last part of the sentence in passing. Also, notice that this article they typically conflates expressions against Israel with anti-Semitism.  And why is the burning of the Israeli flag considered anti-Semitic when the burning of the Saudi flag (which has Al-Fatihah written on it) is not considered anti-Islam, and should not.  Why does Israel always reserve to itself the right to enjoy exclusive political privileges?  And look at this claim: "But Deidre Berger, the director of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, said she believes that flag burning can incite violence against Jews". So if you burn the flags of ISIS or the flags of Arab countries, it means that you are inciting violence against Arabs and Muslims? What absurd claims.