Monday, November 06, 2017

Western correspondents in Beirut are more like activists and advocates: the case of Anne Barnard

Look at the objective and fair assessment by Anne Barnard of the situation in Lebanon: "But while Mr. Hariri has made many concessions to Hezbollah — tolerating its growing involvement in Syria and its adoption of state functions like negotiating hostage releases and fighting militants on the borders — Hezbollah has not made as many concessions to him".  Hariri made concessions by tolerating Hizbullah's involvement in Syria? Why not add that Hizbullah also tolerated Hariri's earlier involvement in Syria and the arming of Syrian rebels on behalf of the Saudi intelligence service?  Also notice, everyone cited in the article is in the March 14 camp. Not one voice from the other side.  Fox News is not the only media which practices the Orwellian distortion of "Fair and balanced".