Thursday, October 19, 2017

Which has been the biggest blow to ISIS? Certainly not Raqqa

US media coverage of the battle against ISIS has been typically ill-informed and propagandistic.  It has basically hailed the insignificant Syrian Democratic Forces militia as the hero in the fight against ISIS.  SDF basically came late to the game and the US media accorded them the credit for a fight against ISIS in three countries in which they were not even remotely involved.  Even the battle in Raqqa: was not that significant.  Al-Quds Al-Arabic (the Qatari regime mouthpiece which is fanatically pro-Syrian rebels) published an article today in which they argue the same point: that Raqqa was not really the strategic blow to ISIS but Al-Mayadin was.  But US media totally and strictly ignore all the strategic and decisive battles against ISIS which were undertaken by foes of the US and Israel.  Such is the conventional narrative.