Monday, October 09, 2017

Netanyahu and his lies: the Fox News interview yesterday

It was quite an interview.  I have never seen a more fawning interview: and by the founder of the tabloid TMZ.  Apparently Trump, who is friends with Levin, arranged for the interview with Netanyahu.  Netanyahu is such a liar that in the course of one hour, he lied blatantly and fundamentally contradicted himself at least twice: at one point, he said that as a child he never thought about the "threats" that Israel faced and the dangers he was in.  Minutes later when asked about when he first started to think about the dangers facing Israel, he said: since I was a child.  Kid you not.  In the hour interview, the word Palestinian was not mentioned once, and the interviewer did not ask anything about them.  They did not exist as far as he was concerned and Netanyahu could not be happier.  When people talk about Netanyahu's father, notice that no one mentions the work that he did for Jobotinsky.  The writings of Jabotinsky are his racialist doctrine (he spoke about the "racial recipe" of nations) are never mentioned in US media.  My wife had told me that I will be upset if I watch it, but it was so ridiculous that it did not even upset me as it usually would.