Monday, October 23, 2017

Lenin in the New York Times: Josef Joffe on Lenin

The US has not been cured of the anti-communist disease.  It would be fair to say that the intellectual and media class has not been cured of the rabid anti-communist disease.  You can't read any fair assessment about communism in US papers, still to this very day.  Look at this ignorant and fanatic review of a book on Lenin by Josef Joffe.  There is no sense of reason in it at all.  Historian E.H.Carr pointed out something important about Lenin: that he was in fact a moderate, all the Western media and academic account to the contrary notwithstanding.  Notice that the people who were killed in Russia due to the European AND US military invasion and intervention of Russia are also blamed on Lenin and counted as victims of communism: this is like counting the victims of US war on Iraq as victims of Ba`thism.  But you can't read anything reasonable about communism and its leaders in US media.  I could not believe the bad quality of this article.