Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Jalal Talbani, dead

This man expelled in the art of political opportunism more than Walid Jumblat.  His political career took him from the far left (he even worked for the organization of Wadi` Haddad although he often exaggerated his role which never involved more than carrying a suitcase or transferring money) to the very far right.  He started his political career working for the Barazani tribal leadership, only to later revolt against it and start an ostensibly leftist organization which rejected feudal landlords.  But later would unite in it when it suited the interests of his lousy political organization.  He could not be called an Iraqi president when his appointment took place under the foreign occupation of the country.  Both he and Masoud Barazani had the blood of Iraqi kurds on their hands, as thousands were killed in the internecine wars between them.  Here is a story about the murder by Talbani's group of Iraqi communists.  He and Masoud would not mind aligning with Saddam Husayn against his Kurdish rival.  The rule of the two groups in Kurdistan was characterized with repression, massive corruption and subservience to outside powers.  I hated this insistence on being referred to by his nickname, as if he was another Ataturk.  I always felt that he was a good liar, more than typical politicians of his generations.  He posed as a different character depending on his audience.  Kamal Khalaf at-Tawil has a good review of his record--a review which you not read in the Western press.  His picture above summarizes his character.