Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Holocaust Museum on Syria

The story for me is not what did the Museum remove or post about Syria: the story is what business is it for the Holocaust Museum to write reports on Syria or about any other conflict?  In all those years, and after so many wars and conflicts, did the Museum produce one report about Israeli crimes and massacres?  And what prompted the Museum to become an expert on Syria?  I thought that we agree that the Holocaust should not be politicized out of respect for the victims.  And now the Holocaust Museum itself (which as you know came out as a political idea by Jimmy Carter to boost his standing after he was perceived as being not sufficiently pro-Israel) is politicizing its very mission and throwing itself into political matters?  But here I don't expect the Zionists in the US would object as long as the politicization is not harmful to Israel and its interests.