Sunday, September 10, 2017

Arrest in Saudi Arabia in anticipation of Sep. 15 Protest Day

There is quite a bit of nervousness on the part of the Saudi regime: it could be due to the impending coronation of Muhammad bin Salman.  Salman Al-Awdah has been arrested and there are reports that Awad Al-Qarni was also arrested.  This came days after reports that dissident Prince, `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd, was also arrested when he returned to the Kingdom for the Hajj (although he posted pictures with the king in Mecca).  MbS seems increasingly politically insecure and I can't see how this can continue especially if dissent grows within the royal family.  And the presence of King Salman shields him up to a point, but he will lose that cover when he becomes King himself.  Foes of the royal regime in SA are counting on MbS to bring down House of Saudi, once and for all.