Saturday, August 12, 2017

Who hates Arabs more: a discussion Haaretz

From Eyal: "Yossi Werter, a chief political columnist for Ha'aretz, ridicules Yair  Lapid for his argument in favor of the the Iraqi-Kurdish bid for  secession. Lapid had stated it would be beneficial to have another  Arabic state that's friendly towards Israel. But, this ignorant and
utilitarian racism of Lapid's is not the issue here. Werter points out  that a Kurdish state will not be an Arab state, since Kurds are not  Arabs. But that also isn't the issue. The point is Werter's additional 
comment on Lapid's conflation of Kurds with Arabs. Werter writes: "The  Kurds hate the Arabs even more than the Jews hate the Arabs, and for the  Kurds there is no greater insult than to be called an Arab.""