Sunday, August 06, 2017

Look how the New York Times manages to sell Israeli media repression as a mere copying of Arab decisions

Notice whenever Arab regimes act in a way that pleases Western Zionists, they are referred always as "Arab states" or "Arab nations" to bestow legitimacy on their actions and policies. But notice that regimes that don't follow Zionist dictates are always referred to as "Arab regimes".  This is the headline of the New York Times on this matter: "Joining Arab States, Israel Says It Plans to Ban Al-Jazeera". Of course, Aljazeera should have been faulted since its inception for hosting Israeli guests and going out of its way to have an Israeli response to every Arab point of view or charge.  Also, don't you like when Western Zionists refer to "bias" in Arab media about Israel as if Western Zionist media--not to mention Israeli media--are not biased on matters relating to Arabs in general.