Saturday, August 12, 2017

In the New York Times, and in the Western press, this guy is considered an insightful foreign policy analyst

I bet that commentaries in North Korean press are less childish and less dumb than Thomas Friedman's: "Instead we should be telling Kim Jong-un: “Hey, pal, not impressed with your nuclear toys, been there, done that with the Soviet Union. Time is on our side — and now the whole world is asking why you won’t accept our credible peace proposal. So have fun with your firecrackers! Don’t even think about lobbing one near us, or we might just shut off all the lights in your pathetic failing state. We can do that — just like we can make your rockets blow up or go off course. Have you noticed? And when your people get tired of eating potatoes every night, give us a call: 202-456-1414. Ask for Donald.”" Does he have friends who can tell him how annoying and unintelligent he sounds?