Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why the Western media are ignoring Hizbullah's victory against Al-Qa`idah

It is not surprising that Western media (especially the Western correspondents in Beirut-one of the worst bunch of journalists ever assembled) would ignore Hizbullah's victory against Al-Qa`idah. Their sympathies are really with Al-Qa`idah.  Also, Hizbullah's fight against Al-Qa`idah or against ISIS (and the fight between Russia and its allies against them) have been strictly ignored in order to create the propaganda myth (created by Gulf regimes) that those never fight except the "moderate rebels"--who have largely been the figment of the imagination of the Western correspondents in Beirut. A friend made the observation that Hizbullah fought differently when not hampered by the participation of the brutal Syrian regime on its side. The was was concentrated against fighters (ignore those social media ramblings which could not even tell the difference between `Irsal and Juruda `Irsal (the fight was against the latter where Al-Qa`idah has been headquartered in Lebanon).  Also, Hizb had an agreement with the less extreme among the Syrian rebels (like Saraya Ahl-Ash-Sham): Nasrallah said yesterday that those fighters were even allowed to go back to refugee camps and to their families in `Irsal.  None of the warring groups in Syria (local and foreign) had those terms in the on-going war.  Amnesty was even offered to Al-Qa`idah fighters if they surrendered.  Nasrallah yesterday stressed that they won't touch `Irsal or the camps where Syrian refugees are located.   And you can say this regardless whether you approve or disapprove of Hizbullah's intervention in Syria.  But one thing is clear: the Zionist lobby prefers a terrorist organization like ISIS and Al-Qa`idah--both of which are strictly inactive against Israel--to any Arab resistance group which is focused on Israeli occupation and aggression.

PS The worst parties in Lebanon against Syrian refugees have been the Maronite patriarchate, Lebanese Forces and the Awni Movement plus all municipalities (Sunni, Shi`ite, Druzes, and Christians) which have practiced blatant discrimination and repression against Syrian refugees.