Friday, July 07, 2017

Who really killed Malcolm Kerr? New Information

It is ironic that Steve Kerr used to be known as Malcolm Kerr's son, while Malcolm Kerr is now known as Steve Kerr's father.  The reason I raise this point is that I am reading the newly released book by George Frayhah on Bashir Gemayyel (titled Ma`a Bashir).  Frayhah was related (by marriage) to Bashir and he was a close aide to him.  Frayhah was assigned by Bashir to found the OCP of AUB.  The book has many revelations about the way Bashir dealt with his desire to establish branches of Lebanese universities in East Beirut during the war.  He tells the story of how Bashir basically threatened the president of Lebanese University, Butrus Dib, and forced him to sign an official statement which was prepared by Bashir's people.  There is also talk about AUB: for the first time, we have an official admission by a Bashir's chief aide that Gemayyle indeed shelled the West Beirut campus, and that the shelling resulted in the killing of innocent students on campus.  If you read the book and the tension between Bashir (and the Lebanese Forces) and the AUB administration you really reach the conclusion that it is highly likely that Kerr was killed by Lebanese Forces thugs. I was never convinced that "Islamic Jihad" gunmen were behind it. They would have been more interested in kidnapping him, not killing him.  I strongly urge the Kerr family to pursue this case and use the book by Frayhah as a legal evidence of the design of Bashir and his henchmen.