Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Middle East Institute in DC: a reliable source of crude pro-Saudi propaganda

The article promises to show how the elevation of Muhammad bin Salman "raised alarm in Iran".  Here is his evidence that alarm was raised: 

"The promotion of bin Salman has raised alarm in Tehran. The most alarmist reports and opinion pieces were published in outlets affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (I.R.G.C.). Tasnim News Agency, for example, called the succession announcement in Riyadh a “soft coup” and claimed it was approved by Washington, adding that the Trump administration is pleased with bin Salman’s anti-Iran stance. Fars News Agency, also an I.R.G.C. mouthpiece, called it a “political earthquake in Riyadh.” Another Fars article said President Donald Trump and bin Salman have developed a close rapport – citing the latest arms deal between Riyadh and Washington and the creation of a U.S.-backed “Arab NATO” to counter Iran’s regional ambitions. “Trump’s footprint is apparent in these decisions,” it alleged."  But even Arab media carried such stories and even headlines. Does that mean that they too were raising alarm?