Monday, June 05, 2017

Israeli analysis of Arab affairs

Why is it that Israeli analysis of Arab affairs is always wrong by 10 years at least? I remember that I would read books by Israeli academics and find that they were still citing Al-Hawadiwth magazine in the 1990s, when the magazine lost its influence by 1977.  Look at this story: Aljazeera is no more the issue in the relationship between GCC countries and Qatar.  Aljazeera lost its influence in 2011 when it became a crude too of regime propaganda and when the Arab media scene got fragmented with the rise of local country-wide Arab satellite stations.  Aljazeera is not the power that it was.  When they started hiring their "correspondents-activists" to cover Syria you knew that the slide had begun, and their coverage against Mubarak and the feel of Ba`thist propaganda.