Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do you remember the story about how Israeli intelligence infiltrated ISIS?

As you know all US media--especially the New York Times--love to exaggerate and even fabricate success of Israeli intelligence. The story started about how the source of the ISIS plot to infiltrate explosives in a computer-shaped divide on a plane was an Israeli source.  Then US media loved to regale readers with stories about how the Israeli intelligence service was able to do what is most difficult: to infiltrate ISIS.  I even thought that Israel was able to sneak in a Mossad agent (disguised like Shimon Peres when he used to meet secretly King Khusayn) inside ISIS. This weak in a long article about cyber-warfare we discovered the extent of Israeli intelligence infiltration: apparently, Israeli hacked a computer which ostensibly belonged to an ISIS member and his email was--according to Israeli