Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Free Syrian Army is no more: it is official now

I often felt that the only people who believed in the existence and role of the Free Syrian Army are the Western correspondents in Beirut who have been desperately trying to prove that there are indeed effective and influential moderate and secular and feminist Syrian rebels but that they are not as famous.  Here, the comrade of Western correspondents in Beirut, the loyal Saudi royal advocate, `Abdul-Rahman Al-Rahid, officially announces the death of the Free Syrian Army and calls for the formation of a yet another new Syrian opposition army. He says: "Indeed, there is no more an opposition Free Syrian Army, as we knew it.  It has disintegrated, and has become small groups because it was targeted by Iranians and Russians and ISIS and "Nusrah" organizations and others".  Good night.

"بالفعل لم يعد هناك جيش سوري حر معارض، كما كنا نعرفه. فقد تفكك، وصار جماعات صغيرة بسبب استهدافه من قبل الإيرانيين والروس وتنظيمات «داعش» و«جبهة النصرة» وغيرها."