Sunday, May 07, 2017

New York Times on Asian domestic workers in Israel

Usually, Western media coverage of Asian and African domestic workers in Arab countries is very sympathetic (and not for the right reasons, of course).  But look at this lousy article about Philippine domestic workers in the occupation state of Israel:  "In the three years since her arrival, Joson has become attached to Israel. A practicing Catholic, she marvels that she gets to live and worship freely in the Holy Land and feels a sense of kinship with Israelis who, like her, are “hardworking and very family-oriented.” If anything, she wants to be more like the Israelis she knows, like her employer’s children, who speak their minds freely."  I mean, there is more freedom of worship in Lebanon than in Israel, but I would never ever read an article in the New York Times marveling that Asian domestic workers in Lebanon marvel at the freedom of worship in Lebanon.