Friday, May 19, 2017

My favorite actor, Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck is one of my all time favorite actors. In the 1950s, he passed through Paris on his way to Rome to shoot a movie. He was asked by Paramount to sit for an interview in Paris with an up-and-coming French female journalist at France Soir, named Veronique Passani. He sat through the interview and they got along. Months later, he passed through Paris again and had time to kill. He called Veronique and asked her for lunch. She hesitated a great deal but then they met and fell in love and got married (they remained married until his death). Later, he asked her why she hesitated when he asked her out. She told him that the day he asked her out for lunch, she was scheduled to interview Albert Schweitzer at the home of Jean-Paul Sartre.