Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Islamohobia is an official religion in the West: imagine if an anti-Semite was receiving all those awards

  • Awards for Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
  • 2004, she was awarded the Prize of Liberty by the Flemish classical liberal think tank Nova Civitas. It is considered to be one of the most important political honours in the Low Countries.
  • 2004, she was chosen "Person of the Year" by the Dutch news magazine Elsevier.
  • 2004, she was awarded the Freedom Prize of Denmark's Liberal Party,[144] the country's largest party, "for her work to further freedom of speech and the rights of women".[145]
In the year following the assassination of her collaborator, Theo van Gogh, Hirsi Ali received five awards related to her activism.
  • 2005, she was awarded the Harriet Freezerring Emancipation Prize by Cisca Dresselhuys, editor of the feminist magazine Opzij.[146]
  • 2005, she was awarded the annual European Bellwether Prize by the Norwegian think tank Human Rights Service. According to HRS, Hirsi Ali is "beyond a doubt, the leading European politician in the field of integration. (She is) a master at the art of mediating the most difficult issues with insurmountable courage, wisdom, reflectiveness, and clarity".[147]
  • 2005, she was awarded the annual Democracy Prize of the Swedish Liberal People's Party "for her courageous work for democracy, human rights and women's rights."[148]
  • 2005, she was ranked by American Time Magazine amongst the 100 Most Influential Persons of the World, in the category of "Leaders & Revolutionaries".[8]
  • 2005, she was awarded the Tolerance Prize of Madrid.[149]
  • She was voted European of the Year for 2006 by the European editors of Reader's Digest magazine.[150]
  • 2006, she was given the civilian prize Glas der Vernunft in Kassel, Germany. The organisation rewarded her with this prize for her courage in criticising Islam (1 October 2006).[151] Other laureates have included Leah Rabin, the wife of former Israeli prime-minister Yitzhak Rabin, and Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany.[152]
  • 2006, she received the Moral Courage Award from the American Jewish Committee.[153]
  • 2007, she was given the annual Goldwater Award for 2007 from the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.[154]
  • 2008, she was awarded the Simone de Beauvoir Prize, an international human rights prize for women's freedom, which she shared with Taslima Nasreen.
  • 2008, she was given the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for nonfiction for her autobiography Infidel (2007 in English).[155] The Anisfield-Wolf awards recognise "recent books that have made important contributions to our understanding of racism and appreciation of the rich diversity of human culture."
  • 2008, she was awarded the Richard Dawkins Prize (2008) by the Atheist Alliance International.
  • 2010, she was awarded the Emperor Has No Clothes award by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
  • 2012, she was awarded the Axel Springer Honorary Prize, "for her courageous commitment – her approach to freedom and her courage to express a nonconformist opinion."
  • 2015, she was awarded the Lantos Human Rights Prize for fearless leaders, reformers and rebels who have been willing to defy social and cultural norms to speak out against human rights abuses. Other laureates were Rebiya Kadeer and Irshad Manji.