Monday, May 08, 2017

Charles Maurrass and Le Pen: the Lebanese advisor, Elie Hatem

This right-wing Lebanese newspaper, Al-Jumhuriyyah, interviews a Lebanese, Elie Hatem, advisor to the Le Pen's campaign. He says in the interview: "Masonry is linked to international Zionism and protestants, and the Muslim Brotherhood never acts in the interests of Islam but they serve the international Free Mason networks, and all work for the globalization which dominate the world, while Russian president Putin work for the interest of the sovereignty of state".  The article then proceed to say that this Hatem guy was influenced early on by the "Nationalist ideas" of Charles Maurrass.  The article does not mention that Maurrass was a monarchist fascist with strong dosage of anti-Semitism, who was convinced to the last day of his life that Dreyfus was guilty (despite all contrary evidence to his innocence).  This anti-Semite was convicted by France after WWII for complicity with the enemy.