Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ben Hubbard doing what he does best: producing pro-Saudi regime propaganda in the New York Times

Not one person cited in this article is not tied financially to the Saudi regime. Not one person cited in this article is not an advocate of the Saudi regime.  Not one critic of the Saudi regime is cited in this article.  Not one.  Also, notice how he conflates Saudi regime with Saudi people, as in: "The exuberant reception for Mr. Trump reflects how differently Persian Gulf leaders see him compared with how they saw Mr. Obama.  Many of Mr. Obama’s Middle East policies angered the Saudis".  He also cites a twitter by the director of the official Saudi lobby in DC, without mention his post.  He talks about what Saudis think as in "In Mr. Trump, however, many Saudis see a decisive" without telling readers that you can serve years in jail in that country if you disagree with the policies of the regime on social media.  Saudi regime propagandist,  Jamal Khashoggi, has been silenced simply because one of his tweets disagreed with Saudi policies in Egypt.  This man was the most frequently cited person in Western media, and no one bothered to report about his silencing.    Wait: Ben Hubbard is not done yet: "Mr. Trump’s apparent lack of interest in human rights also suggests that he is unlikely to complain about the Saudi justice system or the limited rights of Saudi women." Yes, Mr. Hubbard. George W. Bush and Barak Obama complained all the time about Saudi human rights violating as they were selling arms to the regime and holding hands with the Saudi king.  Wonderful journalism.  It should be taught in journalism schools, or in comedy traffic schools.