Thursday, May 04, 2017

Arfah Nasser and her GCC apologia about Yemen war

This is an unbelievable report about the media and the Yemen war.  But coming from Gulf/Hariri funded Atlantic Council it is not surprising.  She goes on and on about the media in Yemen are not as "vibrant" as they were in the past.  Bombs and missiles are falling on Yemen from all directions due to the US-GCC war, and she is upset that Houthis are not allowing more media to publish and circulate.  She does not mention even the war on the media by the GCC regimes except this reference in passing: "second, Saudi Arabia is buying media silence along with hiring PR companies to polish its image in media".  Silence? Are you reading Arab media? There is no silence at all.  The Arab media are full of articles and headlines about Yemen but all from the Saudi perspective.