Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bret Stephens has started to lie and fabricate as soon as he assumed his job at the New York Times

He said: "The Arab world expelled about 900,000 Jews after 1948."  This is a flat out lie.  He basically counted all Arab Jews who left voluntarily (mostly) and those (a minority) who were expelled from Arab countries.  He uses the typical Zionist tactics in dealing with the issue of Arab Jews.  Take the Jews of Syria: when Syrian Jews lived in Syria, Zionist propagandists/hoodlums screamed and yelled around the world and said that Syrian Jews are held against their will and that they should be allowed to leave Syria, and that their living in Syria is a humanitarian situation, although they lived in Syria liked other Syrians and their repression was not different than the repression of Hafidh Al-Asad regime against all Syrians.  So the US government pressured the Asad government in the 1980s, and he then allowed Syrian Jews to leave. As soon as the Syrian Jews were allowed to leave, Zionist propagandists/hoodlums started to scream and yell: look, Syrian Jews have been expelled from Syria. Those should be conflated with the Palestinians who were expelled by Israeli occupation state from their homeland.  Also, the numbers used by the fabricator Stephens are out of whack: those who were actually expelled (or more accurately encouraged to leave or terrorized into leaving by Mossad covert operations including bombing campaigns) were Iraqi Jews (around 100,000 as other left on their own) and some 30,000 from Egypt after Lavon Affair and the tripartite invasion of Egypt.  But even in those two cases were terrible expulsion (or encouragement of flight or terrorization by Mossad terrorists) of Jews occurred: Israeli government participated directly or through covert operations to have them expelled.  In Iraq, there was Operation Babylon which scared and encouraged and terrorized Iraqi Jews to lead to their explosion, and in Egypt Lavon Affair clearly jeopardized the plight of Egyptian Jews.  Israel in general jeopardized the status of all Arab Jews by insisting that it represented all Jews of the world including Arab Jews, and it directly pressured Western government to pressure Arab governments to "release" Arab Jews.  Of course, Arab Jews should be allowed to return (unless they joined the Israeli terrorist state) and they are entitled to their property or to compensation for confiscated property (unless they were part of the Israeli terrorist state and its military-intelligence apparatus).  To support the rights of Arab Jews (who belong to Arab countries) is unrelated to one's support of the full return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland of Palestine within the borders of 1948 Palestine.

PS Of course, the cases were Iraqi Jews were stripped of their citizenship it happened with direct pressures and secret deals between the Zionist British government and its clients in the Iraqi government. But all cases of stripping of citizenship or of confiscation of property were right in the presence of Mossad agents who were encouraging such measures for the demographic benefit of the Israeli occupation state. See the book by Abbas Shiblaq on Iraqi Jews and this article by Lebanese historian Mahmoud Haddad.

PPS Don't forget the most anti-Semitic voice in Iraq during those times was none other than Nuri As-Sa`id, the tool of British colonialism.