Saturday, April 08, 2017

Ayaan Hiirsi Ali: giving a bad name to atheists and free thinkers in the Middle East

It is amazing how space and platforms this person is given. She is no expert or scholar but is treated as one across the Western world simply because her hostility toward Islam is favored.  Just imagine an anti-Semite (and she is as far as Islam is concerned the exact equivalent of an anti-Semite) treated with such respect. I suspect that she knows what Da`wa means. People like her give atheists and free thinkers in the Arab and Islamic world a bad name.  She even wants the government to interrogate Muslim families about their faith and views: "Is Ms. Hirsi Ali proposing to give Washington enhanced powers to supervise parenting? “Yes,” she says. “We want these children to be exposed to critical thinking, freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rights of women.” She also suggests subjecting immigrants and refugees to ideological scrutiny, so as to deny entry, residence and naturalization to those “involved with, or supportive of, Islamism.”"  If David Duke were to suggest something like that about Jewish families, can you imagine the uproar? We would move toward tolerance and equality when people like her are treated just as David Duke is treated (and deservedly, with utter contempt).