Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A shift in Saudi policy toward Syrian regime

There are signs of a significant shift in Saudi policies toward Syria: the shift was evident in the statement by the Arab League last week.  And Ali Shihabi (childhood friend and head of a new pro-Prince Muhammad bin Salman think tank in DC), said to CNN that Syria is "a lost cause" (he later denied or corrected the statement).  And now this: `Abdul-Rahman Al-Rashid (the influential propagandist of King Salman and his sons) says that Gulf regimes are likely to "adjust" (the words he used were "to deal favorably with the new political reality"--in reference to US policy of leaving Asad in power).  He also looks back favorably at Hafidh Al-Asad and praised him.  It seems that the new policy of Saudi regime toward Syria is reduced to calling on an end to Iranian presence there.  I feel sorry for all the Syrians and the supporters of the Syrian "revolution" who--BIZARRELY--counted on the House of Saud to save their "revolution".  I also feel sorry for the leftists around the world who treated Gulf regimes as the true sponsors of "revolution".