Thursday, March 09, 2017

When the New York Times reviews RT TV

It is very amusing when US mainstream media critically reviews the media of their countries, especially when they are not friends of the US.  In fact, the US media hated Aljazeera (when it was good) and loved Aljazeera when it became a crude propaganda outlet of the Qatari regime only because the policies of the two governments because closer.  Remember when US politicaians would boycott Aljazeera? Now, even McCain appears there, and only because they know that Aljazeera has become indistinguishable form Saudi regime media--known as the model of free media in the world.  So the Times reviewed RT TV because the premise is that US media are not propaganda media and that they alone can judge other media. This is part of the same myth: that there is "fake news" (and the news by enemies of the US) and then there is Truth media;, and they are the media that represent the consensus of the military-intelligence apparatus of the US.  In fact, RT TV and US media are all propaganda media. But if you watch RT TV: there is more news reported than any of the US TV news, and there is less entertainment reported.   From a news perspective, RT is more like CNN (of the 1980s when it was good) and Aljazeera before the Arab uprising--propaganda of the Russian perspective notwithstanding.  The reach of RT is spreading, and even the website of RT now appears among the top website among Arabs.  I mean, just compare RT TV to CNN and Fox.  US news media are now nothing but entertainment (boring entertainment at that) and chit-chat.