Friday, March 17, 2017

The UN report (or reports)

It is hilarious that anyone would refer to the UN as "independent" in any of its findings or missions.  This is a tool of the US/Israeli alliance, despite some setbacks to the alliance here and there.  But the US quickly exerts financial pressures and quickly nullifies whatever bothers US and Israel.  It is also hilarious for anyone to to cite the Jordanian Prince, Zayd bin Ra`d as an authority on human rights or on anything: this is like citing Marwan Muahser (a former minister and ambassador for the Jordanian potentate) on issues of Arab change.  The UN reports which labeled Israel as apartheid had no chance, and I said so immediately when I saw some Arabs celebrating.  Those who wish to fight battles in the UN on behalf of just causes, should shift their struggles elsewhere.  US is a successful blackmailer at the US, and has a very long history in that regard.  It is so blatant that it is not subtle diplomacy as it used to be.