Friday, March 03, 2017

The UN rationalizes the Saudi killing of children in Yemen

This is an incredible account.  The UN commission on human rights is controlled by US and Israel, which appointed a Jordanian official as its commissioner.  It made allegation about child soldiers without providing any evidence or detail except by referring to "reports" and to trickery.  It said that children are being tricked into fighting.  "An estimated 1500 boys have been verified as child soldiers in Yemen, but the actual number of children who have been drawn into the war is probably far higher, a United Nations spokeswoman said yesterday.  Most of the boys were recruited by Houthi rebels over the past three years, spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said at a press briefing in Geneva.  Recruiters often entice the boys by promising them financial rewards or social status. "Many are then quickly sent to the front lines of the conflict or tasked with manning checkpoints," Shamdasani said."  The UN also added that toddlers have been seen driving tanks and operating cannons.  Of course, Saudi regime media loved this report and have been blasting to justify its regular killing of children in Yemen.