Saturday, February 11, 2017

This Washington, DC establishment love for Salam Fayyad

Of course, the decision against Fayyad stems from anti-Palestinianism.  But this outpouring of love for Fayyad by Zionists of Washington, DC (and the Arabs who work in Gulf media and enterprises) is quite annoying.  Typically, the less a person is loved by the Palestinian people, the more he is appreciated by the American Zionists in DC.  Remember that in the last legislative elections in the occupied territories, he ran on a ticket with Hanan Ashrawi, and both obtained a whopping 1% of the popular vote of the Palestinian people.  The post of special UN envoy in Libya, is customarily awarded to an Arab native who is pleasing to US political interests.  It previously went to a lackey of Fu'ad Sanyurah in Lebanon.  But if you think about it: those who natives who work to ingratiate themselves to the occupiers deserve no less than humiliation.  DC Zionists always favored Palestinians who are least popular to their people: Zionists preferred King Abudullah to Hajj Amin, and later King Khusayn to Ahmad Shuqayri, and later Muhammad Ja`bari to Arafat, and later Mahmoud Abbas to Arafat, and later Salam Fayyad to Abbas, and later Netanyahu to Fayyad.  The criteria are always services to the occupation.