Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Dean (head) of the Press Syndicate of Lebanon writes: "May God Blacken the Face of Obama"

This guy, owner of Ash-Shraq newspaper (a mouthpiece of the Saudi regime in Lebanon) writes "Trump and Khamenei: It seems that the honeymoon between the US and Iran has ended and the extra care which Iran received due to the Iranian lobby around the president Barak Husayn Obama--May God Blacken his Face--is not in existence anymore.  And we are coming to a new and critical and very important phrase and the probability of war..."  This guy was installed as the head of the press syndicate by the Saudi regime and the Hariri family, although he can barely write (I mean that, literally).  He owns several sleazy publications, and this ownership endeared him to the hearts of Saudi princes and the rest is...sleaze.