Monday, February 13, 2017

Regarding this long and important investigative report on the anti-Islam lobby in the US in the Vox

"Trump’s counter-jihad: How the anti-Muslim fringe conquered the White House".  This is an important report.  But: 1) This is not only Trump: this crowd has had influence among Republicans and Democrats.  This did not start with Trump and won't stop with him.  2) Some Democrats are key elements in this movement.  Bill Clinton's CIA director, James Woolsey is present in all those anti-Islam groups. 3) the ability of those groups to rise and prosper is due to the cooperation from local law-enforcement agencies, who (under Democrats and Republicans) invite such haters to lecture to them. 4) The ability of those groups to rise in influence is directly related to the cowardice of Barak Obama who was far more than George W. Bush silent on matters of bigotry (and even racism, but that is another story).  Obama was so afraid of being perceived by more Americans as Muslims, that he sat down for 8 years while those groups gained momentum and influence, and he never challenged their supporters among Democrats and Republicans on the Hill.  5) those groups could not have achieved mainstream status without the support and sponsorship from Christian, Jewish and atheist organizations and individuals across the US.  This is a broad movement.  6) there is a direct link between those haters and high ranking officers in the US military.  See the names of members of the The "Team B II report".  7) all embassies and governments of Muslim countries, especially the corrupt repressive regimes of the Gulf who invoke Islam in their rhetoric more than other governments are accomplishes in this movement because they are afraid of challenging Zionist voices (who are quite active in this movement.  8) We need to find out the extent to which the Zionist lobby is linked to those groups.  Many of the individuals mentioned have their feet in both camps.

PS Can you imagine the (justifiable) uproar if there is a mainstream anti-Semitic group in DC with such access and membership in the US government like that?  Those groups won't go away unless bigotry against Islam and Muslims becomes as stigmatized as anti-Semitism, but we are very far from that point.  You can run and win a congressional seat on an anti-Islam platform, while anti-Semitism is politically a disqualified in the US--as it should be.