Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who killed the Israeli military attache in DC in 1973? Who cares.

It is interesting that this writer admits that he is obsessed with dining the identity of those who killed the Israeli military attache in DC in 1973.  Israeli kills a Palestinian almost every week, and no one in the West press gives a damn. But this assassination is still occupying the minds of journalists and FBI in DC.  But the story by Carlos (who wanted to cash in by offering information in return of money) is not credible: "The bookstore’s owner put the Americans in touch with Kamal Kheir Beik, a suspected member of Black September. Mr. Beik met with the Americans at a cafe in the Latin Quarter of Paris sometime after 1970, Mr. Ramírez said.  The Americans asked Mr. Beik, a Syrian, what they could do to further the Palestinian cause. Mr. Beik told them to kill Colonel Alon."   Anyone who knows anything about Kamal Khayr Beir knows that he did not operate in this showy and clumsy manner.  He would not recruit someone he met in a bookstore.  That was not his style.  And Kamal Khayr Beik (whose work remains secretive and left beautiful poetry) worked with Wadi` Haddad and not with Black September.