Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This liberal love for Joe Biden

Joe Biden was a terrible Senator.  He was not known as a friend of the feminist movement at all (remember what Alexander Cockburn write about him during his last presidential run?).  He was instrumental in creating a Democratic posture of bending over backwards to accommodate Republicans.  He was the one who aborted the attempt to block the nomination of Judge Thomas.  He was for all his career a tool of the Zionist lobby.  He once had lunch with a foreign policy person I knew to discuss about the Middle East. I asked him: so is he one of those people who criticizes Israel in private but then says that he can't say it in public?  He said: no, he speaks the talking points of AIPAC in private and in public.  He had a history of plagiarism and fake claims and fabrications.  He has no legislative record to speak of.  He is annoying and sleazy.  Yet, liberals are in love with him because they have on one else to love.