Saturday, January 14, 2017

The propaganda of Martin Chulov: FAKE NEWS Propaganda in the Guardian newspaper

And here I used to recommend the Guardian newspaper as an alternative to US media after Sep. 11.  Now the Guardian has become indistinguishable from the New York Times and Washington Post in its propaganda coverage of Syria.  This story is--simply put--made up.  As you all know, Syrian rebels regularly, if not daily, produce fake news and spread them throughout  social media and they are often carried in Gulf regime media, which in turn inspire Western media to reproduce them citing the authority of Qatari regime or Saudi regime media.  This story is made up by Ahrar Ash-Sham.  And you will see in dispatches by Western correspondents in Beirut, like Chulov, a reference such as this: "said one senior Lebanese leader".  Lebanon is deeply divided between two camps: one camp is led by HIzbullah and the other is led by the Saudi embassy in Beirut.  To which camp do you think this Lebanese "leader" belongs to?  And they cite "a Lebanese leader" as if any of the Lebanese leaders are independent and neutral about the war in Syria.  This is like citing "a US leader" in a story about Israel.