Friday, January 13, 2017

Charles Lister explains why he was wrong about the Nur Ad-Din Zingi Syrian rebel group

When asked by Max Blumenthal in a public form at the Hariri-Saudi-funded Atlantic Council, Lister explains: yes, he did label the Zingi group as "moderate" and now he thinks that they are not moderate and that they are "disgusting". But the explanation is that the group changed: it was a moderate and secular and feminist and democratic group but something happened to it and changed.  This is like when Saudi royals say that Bin Laden was a very nice guy but that he was corrupted by Ayman Adh-Dhawahiri, or when Western correspondents in Beirut say that the Syrian rebels were all secular and moderate and feminist but that when the regime shot at demonstrators they grew beard the next day and became Jihadis.