Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aloïs Brunner and the Syrian regime

This is a typical Zionist ploy: to talk about Nazi infiltration of Arab lands.  Zionist hoodlums, especially official US Zionist organizations, were utterly silent about US recruitment and shipment of top Nazi scientists and intelligence terrorists who were recruited to work for the US military-intelligence apparatus.  There were no cries and protests by those groups about US utilization of a large contingent of Nazis: they were in the hundreds.  Yet, Israel and its supporters have for years peddled stories about Nazis in Arab governments.  They did that about Nasser.  There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever about use of Nazis by Arab governments--nothing verifiable.  Also, what was left of those Nazis when US took the bulk of them, and left what was left to the Soviet Union.  Here is another story about Brunner: all the stories about him being in Syria are not in any way verifiable and not even proven.  All are rumors which have been traced to Zionist organizations relying on the account of someone who told someone who told someone.  Brunner would have been in his 70s in the 1980s, and yet they have him training Syrian regime about intelligence--when the regime had the use of East European regimes at the time.  Notice that Zionists in the US never talk about the contacts between Saudi regime and the Nazi regime at its time. They never do.